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** MissionV is now available for your school **

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MissionV has launched! Having been in test mode with 11 schools since early last term we are delighted to announce that our learning platform is now available to all.

MissionV takes the best of game-based learning and wraps it a safe, secure, online service that makes it easy for teachers to manage in the classroom. The software is already compatible with the virtual reality headsets that will arrive on the market by 2015 and take online learning to amazing new places; think virtual field-trips to anywhere you can imagine.

Last April the good folks at Technology.ie captured the delight at one school – St. Kierans NS, Broughal, Co. Offaly – where students were trialing the platform –

MissionV is excited to offer the same opportunity to your school. For further information please contact James Corbett at James@MissionV.ie or 087-3207756.

Irish Minister for Education tries virtual reality

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It was a pleasure to be invited to exhibit at the recent Tech Week Ireland event in Dublin Castle. And we were honoured that the Minister for Education, Ruairi Quinn, spent quite a while chatting with us and trying out the Oculus Rift headset for himself. I think it’s clear to see in the photo below that he was quite charmed by those virtual reality butterflies!

Irish Kids create a Virtual Reality, then explore it using Oculus Rift [Video]

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Technology.ie recently did an article on what the students of St.Kierans primary school, Broughall recently showed what they’ve been doing with OpenSimulator which is basically an open source version of second life for the purpose of learning coding, 3D modelling and how to create virtual spaces of field trips. Their most impressive project to date was the recreation of the monastery of Clonmacnoise and exploring it using the Oculus Rift.

“Whoa,” one student exclaimed, looking at the classroom’s recreation of Clonmacnoise’s McCarthy Tower. “That is humongous.”

The children spent two weeks developing the model and the results are quite impressive, there’s a real sense of immersion that’s very important to show children at this age, so they can see the full scale of what they built. See the video below.

Shorty after the article appeared, it got picked up by a Silicon Valley blog on engadget.com. It was brilliant that it got picked up by this blog in particular, as it is quite a big one. It’s about getting the word out there that these immersive environments that kids are building go hand in hand with educating the kids in different areas.

Having a virtual presence in the model actually changed how the children learned about it — and the promise of being able to play in the world they built was bound to be a heck of a motivator, too.

Read the full article here.

Virtual Network Computing (VNC)

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Virtual network computing is a graphical desktop sharing system that uses the remote frame buffer protocol to remotely control another computer. It transmits the keyboard and mouse events from one computer to another, relaying the graphical screen updates back in the other direction, over a network.

Oliver Kreylos, a developer who’s been working with 3D software for nearly 30 years, recently demonstrated a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) client that sends a 2D feed of a desktop computer to a 3D virtual reality environment.

It enables him to interact with a range of 2D desktops while on a virtual reality environment.

Why would you want to do this? Well for one, you can reverse telecommute: imagine working in an island paradise environment while you’re actually in the office. Because you can (theoretically) open multiple desktops at once, the setup also supercharges multitasking and group meetings. You can watch a video walkthrough while playing a 3D game, look at a hundred fullscreen documents at once, have multiple large video chat screens like they do in science fiction flicks and more.

Read the article here:

“First Silicon Valley Virtual Reality ‘Conference And Expo’ Announced for May”

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Since the recent Facebook purchase of Oculus, people have started to think alot more about Virtual Reality and the endless possibilities. The latest Silicon Valley Virtual Reality meetup, announced that it will be holding the first ever Virtual Reality Conference/Expo in May.

The world of virtual reality is moving incredibly quickly, this of course you know. But sometimes it’s difficult keep track of just how far things have moved in just the last 12 months. For me, finding out that the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality meetup (better known as SVVR) is now approaching it’s first birthday was an effective reality check. Karl Krantz launched the movement on May 16th 2013 with a collection of like-minded individuals gathering at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA for the inaugural event. It has since grown to become a leading light in the VR community and has attracted speakers, candid early presentations and feedback sessions from the VR industry.

400 lucky Virtual Reality developers/Entrepreneurs will be able to attend the Expo, while there will be a series of keynotes,panels, workshops and tech sessions. The biggest companies (Oculus, Sixense) will be attending and will have speakers from both.

More information will be released soon. Read full article here.

British Library’s old maps become 3D virtual worlds

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“The British Library has challenged video game design students to turn old maps and engravings from its collection into virtual worlds. The students combined maps from the library’s collection with games company Crytek’s CryEngine to create the 3D environments. The Off the Map competition was part of video game festival GameCity held in Nottingham.”

Controlling space robots with video-game controllers

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Engadget posted an article entitled, ‘NASA’s JPL maneuvers a robot arm with Oculus Rift and Kinect 2, points to more immersive space missions’, the wonder of which I think is best summed up in the paragraph – “Imagine how inspirational it would be for a 7-year-old to control a space robot with the tools he’s already familiar with!”


Scoble tries out the Virtuix Omni

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Robert Scoble is an American blogger, technical evangelist, and author whose latest book, ‘Age of Context: Mobile, Sensors, Data and the Future of Privacy‘ looks at “the converging forces that promise to change virtually every aspect of our lives”.

Here he interviews the inventor of the Virtuix Omni virtual reality treadmill, Jan Goetgeluk, and is clearly excited about the experience he had in trying it out –

Tricking the brain with VR

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PBS News Hour aired a new report last night on ‘Tricking the brain with transformative virtual reality’. It’s well worth 6 minutes of your time –


Virtual Reality will change the way we Work, Play, Meet, Learn and Live

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Jan Goetgeluk is the inventor of the Virtuix Omni, the omni-directional treadmill for virtual reality applications which had a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. He recently delivered a 9 minute talk at TEDxHouston 2013 where he explained how Virtual Reality will change the way we work, play, meet, learn and live. Quite a claim but one that’s hard to dispute after watching his presentation –

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